“Roll paper, anyway, anytime”

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There are many types of paper in our home: toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, tissues…If you think about it , almost all of them could be replaced, except for one: toilet paper.

The Tobo design process started from the observation of a badly resolved aesthetically practice: using toilet paper napkin as a handkerchief or outside their usual context. The presence of toilet paper on a table or desk is not attractive, because of this it was key to get the elegance of something a priori is not.

Manufactured completely with ceramic, an environmentally friendly material. Each piece is unique as is made by hand, by artisans from Barcelona.

Why not give toilet paper other uses? It’s cost effective and green!


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Designer: Hiroshi Tsunoda, 2010

More about Tobo:

High Quality images

Making of Tobo Images

Making of Tobo Images

New Tobo Box

New Tobo Box

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