Baco and Nysa Video shot

New Baco and Nysa video!

“Dress up your bottles and dazzle your clients!”

BACO and NYSA works as both case for a bottle of wine or cava and an ingenious lamp. Their versatility and attractive design make BACO and NYSA an innovative communication tool for brands and companies associated with the wine culture.

BACO and NYSA are created as elegant cases for a standard size bottle of wine or champagne which then transform into a stylish lamp to be used as a decorative piece by the final consumer.

BACO and NYSA are 100% customisable and can be adapted to the corporate identity of each one of our clients. Working from the five standard models of white, black, gold, silver and kraft, our clients can customise the article by changing its colour, choosing between matte or gloss and adding their logo or adapting the profile image on the screen.

BACO and NYSA are made from card, making them easy to recycle. The cover includes protection for the bottle, specifically designed to adapt to different bottle diametres and an electrical cable so the cover can then be used as a lamp.



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