About us


“DesignCode is the intelligent design, with its own style and within the reach of everyone.”

What motivates us each new day is to consider that… …we have an intelligent design with its own unique style. …we promote the take-away Design: sensational design within the reach of everyone. …we look for accessibility through ingenuity, the materials, the forms in which the products can be purchased and the price. …we are professional doing what we enjoy most. …we are in Barcelona, a fantastic city from which we are creating. …in only a short time our designs have gained public recognition . …someone will enjoy our designs even more than we do. 

Hiroshi Tsunoda

Hiroshi is the founder of DesignCode, and he is the creative director of the brand. He went to the United States with the passion for movies and basketball when he was 19. And he went to the famous design school, Rhode Island School of Design to study industrial design. On 2000, he left RISD and came to Barcelona to pass good summer vacation, and he has been here since then. He directs his own studio Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio, and DesignCode with multi cultural staffs.

 He has been teaching at Elisava and IED since 2007. And he is a happy father of two daughters.

Product and Packaging

The greatest contribution made to our product is the design itself. We take each model to the limit of its possibilities until we obtain a functional, attractive and affordable. We are continuously investigating and evaluating what a good design should be, whether basic or sensational. The packaging of our products is dictated by the same design criteria mentioned above. It’s simple and occupies little space. We prefer to use materials that are recyclable both for our designs and for the packaging. We are aware that looking after the environment is something that concerns us all. We could tell you a lot about our different products here, but it is best to get to known them in their environment. For example, by switching on one of our Flamps between friends to share a surprising sensation. All our designs are produced in Barcelona.


Product Photography:

Collection 2001 – 2010
Frank Schoepens

Frank Schoepgens

Collection 2012
Pablo Alto

Pablo Axpe